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If livestock production is replaced by (Precision Fermentation) technology, it creates what could be the last major opportunity to prevent Earth systems collapse, namely ecological restoration on a massive scale. By rewilding the vast tracts now occupied by livestock (by far the greatest of all human land uses) or by the crops used to feed them – as well as the seas being trawled or gill-netted to destruction – and restoring forests, wetlands, savannahs, wild grasslands, mangroves, reefs and sea floors, we could both stop the sixth great extinction and draw down much of the carbon we have released into the atmosphere.

- George Monbiot Fermenting a revolution’ 2022,

Fermentation has been used for generations to make various beverages and food such as beer and bread, and is all about using the power of nature (and yeast) to create delicious and sustainable food. We are now harnessing the same power of fermentation used to produce alcohol and sourdough, to produce the foundations of our food system: Proteins.

- Remilk

Precision fermentation of whey protein consumes up to 97% less greenhouse gas emissions, 99% less blue water consumption and 60% less non-renewable energy use, compared to traditional dairy milk. 

Like with solar panels and batteries that are disrupting the energy industry, Precision Fermentation and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) may be the equivalent means that disrupt the infrastructure of cows and industrial-scale agriculture.

- Nasdaq






Precision Fermentation in the News

 27th October 2023
The Colombian CPG food company’s alternative meat product line will feature EVERY EggWhite to enhance taste, texture and mouthfeel without the use of eggs, according to a co-issued press release from both companies. 
October 13, 2023
Onego Bio has created an egg white alternative through precision fermentation – Bioalbumen™, an animal-free egg white protein. 
October 2, 2023
Biotech perfume line Future Society creates scents based on extinct flowers, proving the future of fragrance is here. 
September 18th 2023
Like many startups, TurtleTree has made a strategic pivot, shifting from cell-cultured milk to dairy bioactives via precision fermentation
August 31st 2023
To help close the taste-gap between alternative proteins and their animal-based counterparts, food-tech startup Melt&Marble is expanding and improving the selection and performance of available animal-free fats, which it says ultimately will help the struggling plant-based meat segment regain recently lost sales and consumer confidence.
August 25th 2023
Bioplatform innovator and biomanufacturer Conagen has developed a “first-of-its-kind,” natural-sourced class of sustainable retinoid-derivative ingredients through precision fermentation. These solutions are created by covalently binding retinoids with another cosmetic active ingredient into a single molecule, allowing for additional skin care functions to included in the formula.
August 24th 2023
Backed by $123 million in venture investments, Christina Smolke’s company Anthiea just completed its first scaled production of a key drug ingredient.
August 16th 2023
Israeli-based food-tech startup Imagindairy is ready to partner with US food and beverage companies to create animal-free dairy products after becoming the third company to secure self-affirmed GRAS status for a dairy protein made through precision fermentation.
August 15th 2023
New Culture​ says it is on track to produce ‘animal-free’ mozzarella at cost parity with its conventional counterpart within three years.
August 2nd 2023
Sensegen … has tapped into the “power of precision fermentation” to create six “true-to-fruit” flavors for foods and beverages.
July 18th 2023
Craft brewers are falling in love with genetically modified yeast strains that help them inject new creativity and flavor into beers, including bursts of pineapple and guava.
July 17th 2023
Consumers want the good oil, not more harm to dwindling fish stocks, which means a new brew of marine and soil bacteria could catch on as a food supplement. 
July 7th 2023 aims to increase biomanufacturing capacity by orders of magnitude by combining continuous fermentation & advanced control methodology.  
July 3rd 2023
An Israeli startup using enzymes to transform high-calorie sugar into a less impactful version partnered with a major biotech firm.
June 6th 2023
Changing Bio has launched a range of dairy products such as whipping cream, cheese powder and ice-cream made from a microbial ingredient called Kluvy Protein, which has been approved by the Chinese regulator.

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